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B2B SaaS Kit
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B2B SaaS Kit is an instructional bundle for assembling products designed to be used by teams of users (i.e., businesses).
The main goal of the kit is to enable a developer to go from zero to core business logic in a matter of double-digit minutes.
The secondary goal is to limit the software cost of the product-market-fit search phase for a B2B app to the price of a domain name.
The kit combines a number of open-source libraries and for-profit services with generous free-forever starter plans to assemble a functional multiplayer product with an SQL backend.
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To see the kit in action, check out Prompts with Friends—it's a SaaS app built with this kit that lets you collaborate on GPT prompts with teammates.
If you'd like to see how it was built, let's get a copy running right here—on your computer. You'll need Node.js 18 to get going. Then, run this in the terminal:
git clone 
cd b2b-saaskit 
corepack enable 
corepack prepare yarn@1.22.19 --activate 
yarn dev
Open http://localhost:3000 and follow the tutorial 🤘
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